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The new map is now live.

As always not without it's hiccups, but thanks for your patience!

Go.. build, explore, mine, craft!

Boshi_Dude Thanks for the work on the map.
Boshi_Dude Love the new map, I just found a water temple!
Briggers810 so far, from what I've seen it looks good... Could do with a railway to transport people around the map rather than havi ...

Sneak Peek #3

[Admin] snowy1256 a posted Apr 29, 15

Something missing?

InteractiveCD I know this! WAIT. DONT TELL ME DONT TELL ME, ME TELL DONT! Ok tell me.
jokerspirit1 Large animal pens or the roof s havent been completed?

Sneak Peak #2

[Admin] snowy1256 a posted Apr 27, 15

What do you see?

Antonius Looks like part of the ending of the new Avengers movie… ...
jokerspirit1 I see a giant structure on a bowl in the sky with the new paths below.
[Admin] Palodin a Looks very runescape

So, Antonious reminded me that I forgot to give some sneak previews, so expect some more of these.

For our long time members, you may notice something familiar with this part of spawn. It's been changed quite a bit.

InteractiveCD I have one dislike. WHY WONT YOU OPEN IT SOONER??? IT LOOK SO NICE!
Antonius I'm sure you misspell my name deliberately snowballs… Anyway. Bouncy slime at spawn, so's people can bounce high an ...
jokerspirit1 I want to play on the new server so badly and now you POSt this! Its beautiful and heart breaking at the same time ^_^


We are formally announcing a map reset, it's been coming for a long time and 1.8 seems like the perfect time to reset the world, get the new biomes in and cuddle some rabbits, before cooking them.

We have a nice surprise in store for this new map and in the run up to it, we'll be giving you a few sneaky peeks.

But for now i've set an arbitrary but very achieveable goal of switching to the new map in a months time, so around the beginning of May.

Feel free to come and build on the current map, we are now in 1.8, most builds wont be moved over however, a new map is a fresh start for everyone.


- The Server Team

Antonius Green: Unless its been specified, you might need to rebuild. Snowy: Friday is May 1st. where are our sneaky peekys? ...
green_leader9876 Question: will the enterprise still be around or will i have to rebuild it?
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Happy Birthday Hard!
Mhm, July seems like a admin and creative mode birthday month. :3 Spardin, Niadh, Inkyy, Radiothax, Abe, grumpy! :sick: Well happy B Day if I dont see you lot!
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