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[Admin] Palodin a
Palodin @ PC Gamer UK Minecraft
posted 18 hours ago

Hello, we're currently having severe issues with plugins on the server and we've had to temporarily whitelist the server.

We're unsure how long this will last but there's a good bet that the server will be inaccessible until Monday as what we need to fix them might not be available until then.

Apologies for the inconvenience, we're doing everything within our power to get this resolved as soon as possible.
green_leader9876 30 minutes in and im already bored ...
Hello all,

Especially hello to all the new people joining our server at the moment.

I would like to remind you, on behalf of our lovely group of mods and admins, about a few things.

For starters the rules, these apply on the server and on this website:

1. Griefing, abuse and stealing are not tolerated in any form.
2. Build only in unclaimed areas
For clarification, a area may be claimed in many ways such as an area surrounded in signs, torches, fences ect. Use common sense and don't build to close to already existing builds.
3. Do not use mods such as: X-Ray, flying ect.
For clarification, visual and non-gameplay affecting mods suchs as Minimaps, resource packs and Optifine are allowed. Just as long as they give you no advantage over anyone else playing.
4. Keep language PG until after 9pm UK Time
5. Treat other players with respect.
6. Have Fun

Follow these and you wont ever have to hear from us again, if you find that your build has been griefed or you are having a problem with another player, message an admin or a mod.

For clarification:
Users are light blue/cyan
Mods are dark blue
Admins are red

Admins and Mods are voulenteers, we are not paid to do this and do it in our free time, please try to make it easier for us by following the rules and generally being polite and patient.

The current Admins are:

The current Mods are:
BrianUK (Also known as [VaultDweller]BrianUK)

If you need any more information, admins and mods are online to help!

TobylovesMC I thought djjimmy was a mod/admin? I'm confused...?
superjawsguy So is this superjawsguy fellow.
[Flying] Spardin C
Spardin @ PC Gamer UK Minecraft
also spardin is epic

As you may notice, minecraft has updated to 1.7.6, however as we run on CraftBukkit we will have to wait a while for them to begin releasing builds for 1.7.6, this is likely to take a while.

In the meantime change your Minecraft profile back to 1.7.5 by clicking edit profile in the launcher.

Thank You
[Admin] Palodin a
Palodin @ PC Gamer UK Minecraft
I should probably clarify. With Bukkit, "a while" could well mean months. Especially with something as major a ...


[Admin] snowy1256 a posted Apr 6, 14
We have a subreddit now! Go check it out, make some memes or whatever you kids do!

[Admin] radiothax a Yes, another place I can post sarcastic comments and emoticons! ...
[Flying] Frainbog C If only we had our own Forum there would be no need for a subreddit. ;-p
Aha, no we haven't! Isn't April fools day hilarious!
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Oh damn,thought you guys were asking for beta keys :p. Completely misread jimmy's post.I do have PS4 beta keys though if anyone wants one.
I'm in the Destiny Beta and do have two beta keys.Message me or something.
Happy Birthday Scotty_Boy :)
happy birthday scotty
I have some PS3 destiny keys, probably wont end up using em, game doesnt interest me
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