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On The Subject Of Sky Rails/Monorails

[Admin] snowy1256 a
snowy1256 @ PC Gamer UK Minecraft
posted Aug 21, 14
The purge has begun, please demolish your skyrails ASAP or they will be demolished for you! <3


Recently a few of you have decided to build sky-rails, monorails, whatever you call them.

However they have gotten out of hand, which has led to this post. A sky-rail inside your own area, thats fine, but one that extends outside of it and sprawls across, infront of, around and over other peoples builds, is not.

So we have come to the conclusion as admins to ask you to either take apart your skymonowayrails (Sky-rails/monorails) in the next few weeks, otherwise we will have to take them down instead and you will lose your materials.

If you have any concerns or questions, please ask an admin

Thank you for your time,
[Flying] Spardin C if they are done well i cant see the problem but yeh single block floating ones are a bit of an eye sore also if these h ...
Antonius If they're done well, defined by the common server roads and maintained, they can be great. In a sense, owned by the se ...
aelitalyoko99 Thank goodness those things are so irritating.


[Admin] snowy1256 a
snowy1256 @ PC Gamer UK Minecraft
posted Sep 4, 14

Snowy did dun goofed when trying to fix some server issues, so you may experience some rollback


I think we should all take a minute or two and thank young Mr Palodin for everything he does for the server, his tireless dedication behind and in front of the scenes are very much appreciated. And today is his birthday too, so if you see him, give him a virtual hug!

[Flying] Frainbog C Happy Birthday Palodin! And as always, thanks for all you do for the server. How you manage to maintain your sanity I wi ...
[Admin] Palodin a That video gets me every time, it's so beautiful
Hi all,

I'll be taking the server offline for a few hours this evening to try and update to the latest version of Minecraft. I don't currently have an estimate for how long it will take but it should be done today.


Server update complete, thank you for your patience. Please report any issues you find to an admin.
[Mod] sliverhunter10 M Admins suck though mods are cooler
diblob Diggy, diggy, diggy....diggin' a hole

Site issues

[Admin] Palodin a posted Aug 16, 14
The sites currently undergoing some issues. The forum and most other features should be working for now, we'll try and get the rest working as soon as possible.

Obnoxious font supplied by Snowy

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