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Let's all wish our dear Snowy a happy 20th birthday

[Admin] radiothax a I remember when our young snowington was a mere peasant being doused in lava by an evil admin, how he's grown!
[Flying] Spardin C yeh was just yesterday he was knee high to a creeper
[Flying] Frainbog C Hard to believe our ickle Snowy is 20! Brings a tear to the eye it does. *sniffle*

New IP

[Admin] Palodin a posted Feb 9, 15

Hello, for reasons we're currently unsure of Multiplay have assigned us a new IP address. We're currently looking into why and trying to get it reverted but in the meantime you can access the server via the following IP:


TehGreatGranola Finally I can join again!



The server is currently offline, Multiplay has done their annual woopsie, we've contact the people who need to be contacted and now it's just a waiting game. If it isn't up by tomorrow (Friday) I wouldn't expect it to be back until Monday earliest, no promises though, it's all in Multiplays hands now.


Edit - Server should groan back into life within a few hours.

Semedyno lol groan back to life.... thats a releif and a consern.. does that mean itll be unstable for a while?
thelegzeb Can i suggest that you keep nagging PCG to change hosts? Multiplay is really bad and doesn't have like ANY privileges
green_leader9876 AAGH!!!!!!!!!!!!


[Admin] snowy1256 a posted Sep 4, 14

Snowy did dun goofed when trying to fix some server issues, so you may experience some rollback


I think we should all take a minute or two and thank young Mr Palodin for everything he does for the server, his tireless dedication behind and in front of the scenes are very much appreciated. And today is his birthday too, so if you see him, give him a virtual hug!

[Flying] Frainbog C Happy Birthday Palodin! And as always, thanks for all you do for the server. How you manage to maintain your sanity I wi ...
[Admin] Palodin a That video gets me every time, it's so beautiful
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