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[Admin] Palodin a posted Jan 16, 17

As promised, here are the old map backups I could find. No technical help with be given with regard to their usage.

2011-2013: https://mega.nz/#!8lxHDDxb!J-HhikxbvPmoiPtpcrJ9uQNptwyME-g6NyNl-QIFq20

2013-2015: https://mega.nz/#!ZwgQgYAZ!rSHvDgLw39htRbXDcBDseDW7mqKByHHlsl2xn-9iI1I

2015-2017: https://mega.nz/#!JxAEzQzL!DV4MCxqwyRLL6FiwqFftvZzyohj5nEdSdlBhHtjw9xA

AbiNormal I'm really missing the old days back in 2011/2012, still can't find a server that measures up to this one. :(
dalekdylan Bye bye PC Gamer, my life will probably be very different without you. So many memories, so many youtube series, i'...

Hi all,

I have a bit of bad news. In all likelihood, the server will be shutting down on the 20th of January. PCG may choose to renew it on or before that date but at the moment it seems unlikely.

If you need to get on and take screenshots of any builds etc make sure you do so before then, although I will try and upload a copy of the current map and as many old maps as I can still find at some point.

Thank you

Antonius Oh well, all that's gold, etc. Chaps, it's been emotional. I'm hoping we get together again someday, but ...
DigForRedstone Well, it was fun while it lasted. Thanks for everything folks, it's been a blast.
Shadow_Hawk As a staff member on your sister server, I'm truly sorry to hear that you guys are shutting down. As far as I'...

I found an old large render of one of the old maps, seems google is ok with it now, have a browse around and find your old builds


Antonius I can see my old Multi-storey tree farm! Wooo!

The server has now been updated to version 1.10, thanks for your patience.

The server has now been updated to Minecraft 1.9. Please let an admin or mod know if you run into any problems with plugins

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Just jumped on this site today to get the IP again, as I just reinstalled MC on my PC. Realized the server closed and would like to say this server had the best community of all I have experienced. It's been fun :)
Deary me, goodbye server. I've been on this server for such a lvery long time, about 6 years on Feb 16th. I always looked forward to becoming an admin, i got creative so i can't complain XD Will probably make a tribute video like usual. Goodbye :(
i wonder if theres any change the server will get renewed ?
I don't think the rules really count for anything anymore
As I said in the comments earlier, you all are welcome over on pcgus as well
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